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Most of us would be familiar by now with various Twitter web applications that provide some kind of Statistics calculation/visualization. For example, Tweetstats give you some detail stats on how much you Tweet in a certain period of time (monthly, daily, hourly), as well as whom you reply-to the most and which Twitter client you […]

I’m watching right now a Live Streaming from Facebook Technology Tasting Live Event (thanks to Scoble), and just managed to caught the end of a presentation by Facebook about their new Desktop Air Client. Seem that they don’t want to be left behind by others (like Seesmic and Tweetdeck), so they are making their own. […]

Every other major Social Media site seems to try to come up with new design and upgrade their features these days.  So after Facebook, Flickr and recently Twitter, I was’t very surprise when I heard that YouTube is doing it too. If the last YouTube’s update we more on the video watching side, this time […]

“What are you doing?”, that’s the premise on which Twitter was originally created for. Share to the world (or at least your followers) what you are doing in 140 characters. It’s such a simple idea that in the beginning many peopla just didn’t ‘get’ it (many still don’t). Why would people want to know what […]

Not long time ago, my favourite Twitter Desktop App, Tweetdeck, had a new beta version released.  In this release, one of the new feature was the integration with Facebook.  This means that you can now opt to send your Twitter updates to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. This kind of,  so-called cross-posting, is […]

So you have just created your brand new Twitter account, what now? Your instinct and indeed Twitter itself would tell you that you should start typing your first Tweet or to follow as many people as you can. Stop right there immediately! That’s what spam-bot does, and you don’t want to be associated with these […]

#Mass Moonwalk – The Story