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From what started as a joke threw casually in Twitter, this brilliant event ended up as a genius Social Media Engineering act, thanks to Milo @yiannopoulos who turned ‘dream into reality’. I first heard about ‘somebody’ was organising a Mass #Moonwalk at the Liverpool Street Station (in London) from on of my Twitter friend @icebergstorm […]

First the ‘River of Stream‘, then the Public Username, and NOW … yes … the Public Status Update !  I don’t care what people say, but this Facebook’s Twitter Phobia, as one commenter in this ReadWriteWeb post (where I heard this news) mentioned, has finally reached its ‘climax’.  It’s really interesting to watch the mighty […]

Seesmic Desktop has been my main Twitter Desktop app since it was still in beta, and it’s ‘Release Early, Release Often‘ method really struck accord with me, especially because with every release it continues to give to the customer ‘what they need‘ (and not what the money-owner wants). This new version 0.3 is also the […]

Everybody’s familiar with Facebook’s notification/chat toolbar? That was exactly what immediately came to my mind when I saw YouTube RealTime.  Although the beta-test invitation from YouTube did mention something about ‘fancy‘ new toolbar, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Seeing the latest Wave of trend in ‘Real-Time’ platform, I guess it’s just a […]

#Mass Moonwalk – The Story