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Remember those feelings you had when you were invited to a party, but when you got there you realised that everybody seemed to know everybody, except you? That’s probably the same feeling you had as you were staring at your blank Twitter timeline, just right after you sent your first Tweet, when it became apparent […]

If you’ve been living in London for a while and experienced the ‘joy‘ of taking the public transport, you would’ve already spotted the pattern, especially for the Bus Service. It’s not rare when you have to wait for a very long time for them to come to the Bus Stop (although it says on the […]

In my previous post, I discussed about the first things that we could do to follow people on Twitter.  In this second part of the series, I would like to touch on how we could follow people on Twitter by Recommendation. Recommendation is probably the best way to follow people on Twitter, especially when we […]

Jason Calacanis has this mailing list called Jason Nation that I am a subscriber of, and today on his latest email, he declared that his going to quit Facebook.  What is interesting for me is that, even though he practically slammed Zuckerberg and his Facebook, at the most recent TWIT podcast, when asked if he was […]

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t hung out at my local Buzz Joint for a while. No, it’s not because the onslaught of Scoble’s Buzzes, or the fact that I have to login to a different GMail account than the one I normally have to check it. It’s just that between Twitter, Facebook […]

The social media space has been ‘Buzzing‘ about Google Buzz about a week now.  If you don’t know what Google Buzz is, go and read Google’s own introduction on Google Buzz and then go the Google Buzz landing page. But basically Google Buzz is like an odd combination of Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Jaiku, Plurk and […]

You can see how important Twitter is to our Internet Community when its inventor, founder and chairman, @Jack Dorsey had his own session (the first one of the event) and participated in the last session of recently held LeWeb 2009.  And being young and inexperience (in term of being web celebrity), he’s obviously prone to make […]

It’s very easy to forget that the almost ubiquitous Twitter that we are fond and love started from a very simple idea (but then again most great products came from the simplest idea anyway).  Indeed most new users (post @aplusk and @oprah) probably think that Twitter has always been like this.  Well, the reality couldn’t […]

Twitter is on a roll this month!  As a matter of fact it has scored a Hat-Trick on new features.  First with the Twitter List , and then with the new Retweet, and the third by enabling Geotagging. If you haven’t noticed yet, open your Twitter settings and you can find geotagging under Account -> […]

Are you confused with Twitter’s new Retweet feature? Don’t worry, many people do.  I was.  Or maybe you are one of the people who got upset when the new functionality was finally rolled out (albeit only to a limited number of people) ?  No worry, I did too. People say that it’s always hard for […]

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