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Now that we can’t randomly meet new people, I thought I’d share my collection of recommendation lists that people often put up on their blog. I have to warn you, these lists are HUGE, so use it responsibly.  Remember that Twitter only allow you to follow 1000 people per day.  And even then, I suggest […]

This week the weather at Twitterverse has been clouded by the sudden decision from Twitter to scrap one of the settings option, which enabled users to see in their timeline replies from one user that they followed to other user that they didn’t follow. Initially, Twitter argued that because only a small percentage (3% apparently) […]

Everybody in Twitterverse would know already by now about the trouble that Twitter is getting when they decided to change one of its setting.  A setting that, on the contrary of what Twitter thought, was used (and loved) by many users as one of the tools to discover new people to follow. One of the […]

I just got an email from Team Seesmic saying that they just released version 0.2.  Here are the change list from the email: Improvements since v0.1.2 Add your Facebook account (since v0.2-rc2) Aggregated timelines for Twitter and Facebook accounts (since v0.2-rc2) Now supporting Twitgoo and Posterous in addition to Twitpic to share images on Twitter […]

Today I came across an article written by Themos Kalafatis at Life Analytics, which really caught my attention.  In his article, Themos revealed how Predictive Analytics (some fancy statistics kungfu) can help with ‘predicting’ which type of Twitter account is considered of having the ‘pulling power‘ for people to follow, and keep following. The result […]

What a strange coincidence!  Just after I had my write up about Topify yesterday; today Twitter is rolling out a new Email Notification. It’s obviously an improvement from the old one, as it now shows the follower’s avatar, followings/followers and tweets count.  But it is still far from what Topify is providing. Though it begs […]

If you are like me, preferring to check every Follower Notification that you get from Twitter, then the default email notification is, let’s just say, Basic! It does what it says on the thin, i.e. notifying you that somebody is following you, and that’s it. So, for me to decide if I want to follow […]

Most of us would be familiar by now with various Twitter web applications that provide some kind of Statistics calculation/visualization. For example, Tweetstats give you some detail stats on how much you Tweet in a certain period of time (monthly, daily, hourly), as well as whom you reply-to the most and which Twitter client you […]

“What are you doing?”, that’s the premise on which Twitter was originally created for. Share to the world (or at least your followers) what you are doing in 140 characters. It’s such a simple idea that in the beginning many peopla just didn’t ‘get’ it (many still don’t). Why would people want to know what […]

Not long time ago, my favourite Twitter Desktop App, Tweetdeck, had a new beta version released.  In this release, one of the new feature was the integration with Facebook.  This means that you can now opt to send your Twitter updates to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. This kind of,  so-called cross-posting, is […]

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