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When I opened my inbox this morning, I was greeted with the following email from YouTube, which in short, was telling me that my video (one from the London Moonwalk Tribute) had been removed and disabled access. The reason was … Copyright Infringement ! Here is the email in full: Dear Member: This is to […]

Everybody’s familiar with Facebook’s notification/chat toolbar? That was exactly what immediately came to my mind when I saw YouTube RealTime.  Although the beta-test invitation from YouTube did mention something about ‘fancy‘ new toolbar, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Seeing the latest Wave of trend in ‘Real-Time’ platform, I guess it’s just a […]

I just got an email from Team Seesmic saying that they just released version 0.2.  Here are the change list from the email: Improvements since v0.1.2 Add your Facebook account (since v0.2-rc2) Aggregated timelines for Twitter and Facebook accounts (since v0.2-rc2) Now supporting Twitgoo and Posterous in addition to Twitpic to share images on Twitter […]

Every other major Social Media site seems to try to come up with new design and upgrade their features these days.  So after Facebook, Flickr and recently Twitter, I was’t very surprise when I heard that YouTube is doing it too. If the last YouTube’s update we more on the video watching side, this time […]

#Mass Moonwalk – The Story