This Valentine’s Day – Say It With Flowers And Help To Eradicate AIDS In Africa

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10 Feb 2010

I was having conversation with my wife the other day over dinner about the coming Valentine’s day and whether we are going to do anything or to go anywhere.  To cut the story short, we ended the discussion with a conclusion (and to my relieved) that it’s nothing to do with Love and all of that, everything’s just business.  I mean take flowers for example, how much do you (men) spend usually for Valentine’s flowers?  One nice, big, fresh stalk of Rose could set you, at least, £5! A dozen of Red Roses would cost about £20 or more.  These are normal prices on normal days.  But if you try to buy it on the last minute, suddenly everything seems to be much more expensive than usual.  And then there is the candle-light dinner, not only that suddenly all tables are booked up, but the ‘special menu‘ has also ‘special price’ attached to it.  I can go on and on here.

Don’t ge me wrong, I love my wife, but in this time of global financial downturn, it doesn’t seem ‘wise‘ for me to spend all those money.  Until today that is …

Today I saw an ads on the Tube Station that caught my eye.  It’s a big red poster with a big red bunch of flower, and under it written something I’ve seen quite often … FLOWE(RED).

I’m sure you knew already about the (RED) movement.  But just in case you didn’t know, the (RED) movement has the idea that every time you choose to buy a (RED) product or service, the company who makes that product will give up to 50% of its profit to buy and distribute antiretroviral medicine to our brothers and sisters dying of AIDS in Africa.  It has a good backing from some world-known brands too, from Converse to Nike, from Apple to Dell,  and from Gap to Starbucks, each has their special (RED) product.

For more info please check out the (RED) website, follow them at Twitter and Facebook, or watch some fantastic video at (RED) YouTube Channel.

The FLOWE(RED) also has the same idea, all the profits from the sale of these flowers will go to a global fund to help eradicate AIDS in Africa.

I think it’s quite a neat idea, and at least now I can say that I’m not wasting that 25 quid for nothing.  And as an added bonus, we will have flowers this Valentine’s Day :)

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