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13 Apr 2010

Google Buzz ButtonsI don’t know about you, but I haven’t hung out at my local Buzz Joint for a while. No, it’s not because the onslaught of Scoble’s Buzzes, or the fact that I have to login to a different GMail account than the one I normally have to check it. It’s just that between Twitter, Facebook and all my RSS Reading List, I just don’t have enough spare time to frequenting yet another Social Media place. Though somehow I feel a pang of guilt, seeing that I used to champion the Buzz, even when people was slagging it left, right and middle.

Today though, my interest is back to the Buzz, why because Google has released its own, official Buzz Button. Yes, Mashable and Techcrunch had it the day after Buzz was released, but it was practically a hack, that runs along the line of what I explained on my previous post about how to add a Buzz This Bookmarklet.

To get the button, just go to Google Buzz Stuff page, change some settings if you like and copy and paste the resulting Javascript to your HTML page.

Buzz Button Setup

The result could be like the following:

That’s not all what Google has given us today. As well as the Buzz This button, we also have the Follow on Buzz button. Essentially a Follow Me link to your Google Profile page, where people can follow you. Follow on Buzz SetupHere is an example of for my Google Profile: Follow on Buzz

Ok, so I’m not sure if this will rekindle myself with Buzz, but it does open to, let’s say, an easier opportunity for reader to share your website to the world.

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