How To Add “Buzz It” Bookmarklet On Your Browser

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19 Feb 2010

The social media space has been ‘Buzzing‘ about Google Buzz about a week now.  If you don’t know what Google Buzz is, go and read Google’s own introduction on Google Buzz and then go the Google Buzz landing page.

But basically Google Buzz is like an odd combination of Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Jaiku, Plurk and Pownce :)

Just like all of the above social media tools, one of the reason we are using them is to ‘share’ something that we like to our friends and followers.  This could be a nice blog-post, news article, Flickr photos or YouTube video; and in most of these services, there is usually an easy way to share a link update update the status at the same time.  Some of the sharing mechanism that has been used is through the browser bookmarklet.

When Google Buzz was introduced, early adopters was having a hard time to share links quickly.  Sure you can copy and paste the link into the status update text-box, which by the way Buzz would automatically parses the link and brought back some more info (like a summary of the link and some images, like Facebook does).  But there was nothing to share straight from your browser.

Then Mashable put up a post that they had managed to incorporate a Buzz This button onto their post, alongside their Retweet and Facebook Share buttons.

I thought that was really cool!  So I tried to look at the code behind this button, and I found the they way how to do it.
It’s actually a kind of a hack because Google themselves haven’t released the API for posting a Buzz, and the key is Google Reader!  With your Buzz account you can connect your Google Reader account so that whenever you ‘share’ a feed link from your Google Reader, it will automatically be posted to your Buzz account.

So, first thing you need to do is to connect your Google Reader account to your Buzz account.

And then the cool thing about Google Reader is, it provides you already with a Bookmarklet to do exactly this!

The only thing you need to do is go to your Google Reader page, click on the Shared Items sub-menu on the sidebar (if you can’t see it, it’s under ‘Your Stuff’ menu).  This will show you a list of your shared items, but also the “Note in Reader” Bookmarklet button.

As instructed, drag the button and drop it to your Browser’s bookmark bar, and you are done!

Next time you find a good link that you want to post to Buzz, just click on the button, add some comment (if you want) and click on the Post Item button.  Your link will be automatically share within Google Reader as well as Buzz.

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