Seesmic Desktop Released Version 0.2.1

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22 May 2009

My favorite Twitter Desktop App just released a new version.  The new version has a few additional features, mainly integration with 3rd party app, some enhancement with the Profile, and for Mac OS X users (that’s me), a welcome improvement on idle CPU usage (Awesome!).

You can grab the new version directly here.

Below is a screenshot of some of the new enhancements to the profile.  Noticed the ‘Report Spam’ and ‘Block User’ menu items, and the four buttons on the profile (reply, DM, follow, and unfollow).  These were not in v2.0.

Some enhancements on Seesmic Desktop v0.2.1

Here are the change list from the release email:

Improvements since Ver 0.2

* Ability to view and enter comments into Facebook
* Added spellcheck feature with the ability to enable and disable
* Now supporting pikchur and yfrog to share images on Twitter
* Added spam reporting feature to help send spam warnings to Twitter’s @spam account
* Ability to block users who are following you on Twitter
* Ability to use Tweetshrink before sending messages (see
* Access to view favorites within your Twitter account timeline
* Improved profile enhancements (added follow/unfollow within a profile along with the ability to reply and direct message)
* Option to start Seesmic Desktop at login
* Verification dialog box upon deletions of Userlists, Searches
* For OSX: Added standard buttons for OSX and improved idle CPU usage
* Displayed version information in update tab

Bug fixes

* Fix posting to Facebook with non-US characters
* Issues with same usernames showing multiple times – solved
* Issues with not removing messages when account is removed – solved

And on these notes, I would like to thank Team Seesmic for their hard-work to keep improving our Twitter experience.

Keep up the good work guys!

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