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12 Sep 2013

Remember those feelings you had when you were invited to a party, but when you got there you realised that everybody seemed to know everybody, except you?

That’s probably the same feeling you had as you were staring at your blank Twitter timeline, just right after you sent your first Tweet, when it became apparent to you that basically you didn’t know anybody … anybody at all!
It’s one of those ‘Now What?’ moment.

My First Tweet - Now What

One of the common reason (for some, the only reason) why people join Twitter is to follow other users (with hope that they would follow back), and to read what they are tweeting about.

Yes, to fill in that blank timeline, you will need to get acquainted with other Twitter users.
These other people could be virtually ‘anybody‘, they could be your ‘real-life‘ friends (probably the ones who dragged you to join at the first place, kicking and screaming), or they could be some complete strangers whom you’ve never known/met before.
As a matter of fact, of all the people I follow, only a handful of them whom I knew personally or met physically before I joined Twitter.
So how on earth that we are going to find more people to follow if you we don’t know practically no one?!

Luckily, unlike those parties, Twitter (and many other services) has some means that will help you with this problem. No need for awkward introduction, or cheesy pick-up lines or party tricks (although you still can do those things if you want to).

In my view, there are 3 major ways in which we can follow people on Twitter Effectively.

The first one, which I’m going to explain below, is by User Details, i.e. the user’s real name, nickname and/or email address.

The second one is by Recommendation, and the third one is by Similarities or Keywords.

The last two categories will be written on separate posts. Here is the first one.

By User Details (Real Name, Nickname, Email)

This is the simplest and easiest way to find people to follow, provided that you’ve already known the person details.
Twitter makes this very easy to do too.  Just go to ‘Find People‘ section of your Twitter Page and you will be presented with several options to start your search.
The first one (on the first tab) is the Name search. Here you can find Twitter Account by Username, First Name or Last Name.

Find On Twitter

On the second tab, you have Other Networks search.  In this page, Twitter will help you to find your friends whom you’ve already been in contact on other services, in this case Twitter will go through your Address Books and check if the Email Address being listed in those address books has a Twitter Account.  You just need to fill in your email address (Gmail, Yahoo and/or AOL) and your email password and Twitter will do the rest.  Then when the result comes back, you will have a choice to follow the people on the list or not.
If you are just starting, this is a good starting point to build up your followings, especially if you’ve known many people that are Twitter User.

Find On Other Networks

These basic and rather passive following will be enough to jump-start new users to start filling in their timeline, and to learn about how Twitter works.

Next post will be about how we could follow people in Twitter Effectively by Recommendation.

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