Jack, Are You Trying To Say That Google Might Buy Twitter?

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11 Dec 2009

You can see how important Twitter is to our Internet Community when its inventor, founder and chairman, @Jack Dorsey had his own session (the first one of the event) and participated in the last session of recently held LeWeb 2009.  And being young and inexperience (in term of being web celebrity), he’s obviously prone to make some mistakes, especially when he had to sit on the Gillmore Gang, along with other ‘dignitaries‘ :)  So when Andrew Keen asked him if the rumor about Google buying Twitter was true, Jack quickly said (probably too quickly) that “There hasn’t been any announcement” :)  Unfortunately the other gang members wouldn’t let this go so easily, and Jack was forced to defend himself to fix the situation. “What do you mean there hasn’t been any announcement?

Watch the following video starting on 31 minutes mark, and you will see this yourself.

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