Seesmic Desktop Released Version 0.3-RC1

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16 Jun 2009

Seesmic Desktop has been my main Twitter Desktop app since it was still in beta, and it’s ‘Release Early, Release Often‘ method really struck accord with me, especially because with every release it continues to give to the customer ‘what they need‘ (and not what the money-owner wants).

This new version 0.3 is also the same.  This one is a Release Candidate version, hence it is only available for registered users and not yet downloadable from the main website.  The idea is to give the registered users a taste of what to come and at the same time to get user feedback on the new features before it goes live.  It’s a great strategy, because in this case everybody wins :)

Usually with every release, the registered users would get email explaining what are the new features or if there is any bug that they’ve fixed.  For this version, they’ve done not only an email notification but also a YouTube video explaining the new feature (hosted by @loic himself).  Very Cool!

For the benefit of the ‘Just give me the download link‘ peeps, here is the direct link for the v 0.3 – rc1.  As with the rest you, read on :)

Before I let Loic explaining the new version, here are a summary of what are in it (from the email):

Multi-Account Posting with Smart Account Enabling:
We’ve upgraded the user interface to select which accounts to send posts to, saving you the time and effort it takes to post to each account separately. We’ve also added an option for Smart Account Enabling. With this feature turned on, this will allow Seesmic Desktop to change accounts when messaging your friends based on whom you are replying or direct messaging to. Seesmic will not change the accounts if you do not enable Smart Account.

Authenticated bit. ly Integration:
You can now use your own bit. ly account when using bit. ly as a shortener for Seesmic Desktop. By simply entering your bit. ly API key, you can now keep track of your URL clicks when sharing your links with your friends and followers.

New Services Panel:
Along with bit. ly, we have set a foundation for managing your accounts for sending images, and be able to set them in our new Services Panel. The Additional Integrated Account Services panel currently includes image services such as Pikchur (where you can set your own account), Posterous, TwitPic, Twitgoo & yfrog (which is currently using your twitter account). More importantly, this allows us to give you more options for integrated accounts with other services that will be coming soon.

And some other enhancements:

  • Minimizing the message panel until you start entering messages to send
  • Enabling replies in your Facebook friends’ avatar to quickly add comments
  • Inline reminders of what account you are posting from
  • An added “Cancel” button to erase your messages in the message panel
  • Updated scrolling arrows for enhanced browsing
  • Ensuring all replies appear in your integrated timeline

And here is the video:

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