About Inventing Twitter and The Square: Fireside Chat With Jack Dorsey At LeWeb 2009 [Video]

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10 Dec 2009

It’s very easy to forget that the almost ubiquitous Twitter that we are fond and love started from a very simple idea (but then again most great products came from the simplest idea anyway).  Indeed most new users (post @aplusk and @oprah) probably think that Twitter has always been like this.  Well, the reality couldn’t be more different.
My Twitter ID is 3148, so I joined Twitter quite early in the days when Twitter just a simple geeky web-app to broadcast ‘what you were doing at that time‘ to your followers and that’s it.  And just like many others, I didn’t find the tool very useful, and to be honest a little bit boring (especially when all your friends were somewhere else).  Hence I left my account dormant, only visiting it once in a while, for about 6 months or so.  Until one day I found a small circle of friends with whom I could having conversation.  This changed everything, it changed Twitter as a broadcast medium into a conversation tool (more akin to Instant Messenger Apps), a place where I can chate with my friends and buildng relationship.  The rest is history.

How Twitter Was Invented

At this ‘Fireside‘ chat with @loic, @Jack Dorsey the inventor and founder of Twitter told the LeWeb 2009 audiences a little bit of the history how Twitter came about, which I think it is good for us to learn :) [Video below]


In this occassion, Jack were also demoing his new Startup called Square :)  Square aims to enable people (ordinary people, not just businesses) to accept Card Payment easily without having to go through the long and difficult process of application and expensive hardware purchase which usually come before one can take payment by Card.  With Square you don’t need any contracts or mothly fees, and you can even get the ‘square‘ for FREE!

This device works like a Card Swiper, which you can attach to any mobile device that has a regulare audia input jack, like the one in your mobile phone, for example.  When you want to take (or make) payment with your card, you swipe it through this tiny device, which then reads the data and converts it into an audio signal. The microphone picks up the audio, sends it through the processors and then is routed to Square’s software application on the mobile device, and then the encrypted data is transmitted using either Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection to back-end severs, which in turn communicate with the payment networks to complete the transactions.
The device is currently being tested by a selected shops, and if it goes well, Square will starts beta testing on early 2010.


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