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If you’ve been living in London for a while and experienced the ‘joy‘ of taking the public transport, you would’ve already spotted the pattern, especially for the Bus Service. It’s not rare when you have to wait for a very long time for them to come to the Bus Stop (although it says on the […]

In my previous post, I discussed about the first things that we could do to follow people on Twitter.  In this second part of the series, I would like to touch on how we could follow people on Twitter by Recommendation. Recommendation is probably the best way to follow people on Twitter, especially when we […]

You can see how important Twitter is to our Internet Community when its inventor, founder and chairman, @Jack Dorsey had his own session (the first one of the event) and participated in the last session of recently held LeWeb 2009.  And being young and inexperience (in term of being web celebrity), he’s obviously prone to make […]

Twitter is on a roll this month!  As a matter of fact it has scored a Hat-Trick on new features.  First with the Twitter List , and then with the new Retweet, and the third by enabling Geotagging. If you haven’t noticed yet, open your Twitter settings and you can find geotagging under Account -> […]

As Twitter Team is rolling out the new Retweet functionality to a selected group, things are getting clearer everyday in terms of what the deal we are getting with this new system of Retweeting. MediaSosial managed to be included in this beta roll-out, so I had a chance to try it early. After having been […]

From what started as a joke threw casually in Twitter, this brilliant event ended up as a genius Social Media Engineering act, thanks to Milo @yiannopoulos who turned ‘dream into reality’. I first heard about ‘somebody’ was organising a Mass #Moonwalk at the Liverpool Street Station (in London) from on of my Twitter friend @icebergstorm […]

First the ‘River of Stream‘, then the Public Username, and NOW … yes … the Public Status Update !  I don’t care what people say, but this Facebook’s Twitter Phobia, as one commenter in this ReadWriteWeb post (where I heard this news) mentioned, has finally reached its ‘climax’.  It’s really interesting to watch the mighty […]

Seesmic Desktop has been my main Twitter Desktop app since it was still in beta, and it’s ‘Release Early, Release Often‘ method really struck accord with me, especially because with every release it continues to give to the customer ‘what they need‘ (and not what the money-owner wants). This new version 0.3 is also the […]

My favorite Twitter Desktop App just released a new version.  The new version has a few additional features, mainly integration with 3rd party app, some enhancement with the Profile, and for Mac OS X users (that’s me), a welcome improvement on idle CPU usage (Awesome!). You can grab the new version directly here. Below is […]

Now that we can’t randomly meet new people, I thought I’d share my collection of recommendation lists that people often put up on their blog. I have to warn you, these lists are HUGE, so use it responsibly.  Remember that Twitter only allow you to follow 1000 people per day.  And even then, I suggest […]

#Mass Moonwalk – The Story